PM4X LPR’s Comprehensive Applications

PM4X LPR Applications

PM4X LPR is a versatile platform that covers all main applications – aviation security, customs, and cross-border inspections, with carefully selected X-Ray System models from high-priority series:

Empowering our Industry with Predictive Maintenance

By facilitating predictive maintenance and data-driven decision-making, PM4X LPR contributes to the security and efficiency of various industries and end users while at the same time supporting the growth and innovation of equipment manufacturer.

End Users

Ports & Airports
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    Speed of screening services

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    Smooth and secure (air)port operation

Cargo Industry & Freight Forwarders
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    Secure cargo inspections and fast shipments

Customs & Borders
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    More frequent and efficient inspections

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    High level of national and border security
Security Organisations
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    Secure entrance control


The Route to
Service Excellence

Service providers will significantly benefit from PM4X LPR. Our solution enables them to provide advanced AI and Machine Learning maintenance services, enhancing customer satisfaction, and bolstering the service provider’s reputation and reliability.

The Original

of the X-Ray Systems
Predictable X-Ray Systems and Competitive Advantages

As a leader in the highly consolidated and technology-driven industry, the OEM can leverage PM4X LPR in multiple ways:

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    Data-Driven Improvement: Gathering insights from aggregated data to optimise equipment design and production processes, introduce innovations, and improve features

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    Product Enhancement: Utilising PM4X LPR data to improve equipment design and quality, ensuring higher reliability and efficiency
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    Market Distinction: Associating with PM4X LPR will serve as a unique selling point, differentiating the manufacturer in the increasingly competitive environment

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    Customer Support: Offering PM4X LPR as an advanced service model to enhance customer support, fostering increased customer loyalty