Starting from September 2023, Danlex 78 is implementing the project BG-RRP-2.006-0015: “Support for Innovative SMEs Recognized with “Seal of Excellence”, titled “Predictive Maintenance Tool for Non-Intrusive Inspection Systems”. The funding for this initiative is provided through the National Recovery and Sustainability Plan, under the “Program for Accelerating Economic Recovery and Transformation through Science and Innovation.”

This measure is designed to support innovative enterprises honoured with the “Seal of Excellence” certificate by the European Innovation Council. Despite the high quality of their projects, funding from the “Horizon 2020” and “Horizon Europe” programs has not been sufficient. Acknowledging the high quality and economic value of their ideas and developments, the program ensures resources to bring their projects to realisation.

Danlex’s total project value is BGN 5,852,877.01, of which BGN 4,097,013.90 is granted by the EU under the instrument NextGenerationEU. The project is set to be executed over 24 months starting from September 2023, with Danlex’s contribution of BGN 1,755,863.11 covered through its resources.

Danlex’s innovative solution is an AI-driven Maintenance 4.0 for real-time monitoring, condition-based and predictive maintenance of x-ray security systems for users ranging from airports, ports, and customs, to border control authorities. The platform offers the world’s first predictive maintenance approach in the X-ray security screening industry worldwide.

The investment will support specifically the development of new condition-based and predictive models for the latest Smiths Detection technologies and systems and their introduction to the global market.