An augmented analytics platform and service 4.0 solution for condition-based and predictive maintenance of X-Ray systems with valuable benefits for end users, service providers, and OEM.

Elevate Asset Performance with Smarter Services


PM4X – Our Predictive Maintenance Solution for X-Ray Security Systems is specifically engineered to enhance asset performance KPIs, ensuring high equipment availability, overall equipment effectiveness, optimised equipment utilisation, and reduced maintenance costs.

PM4X’s advanced capabilities enable you to craft a highly efficient maintenance strategy for your X-Ray Security Systems.

Powered by Smart AI technology, our PM4X solution contributes to Digital and Green transitions of airports, air cargo industry, ports, customs and border control authorities and fundamentally transforms the way services are delivered.

Synergy for Success


High Equipment Availability


Overall Equipment Effectiveness


Optimised Equipment Utilisation


Reduced Maintenance Costs


Data-Driven Insights

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    The traditional reactive maintenance approach is not only costly and time-consuming but often leads to unnecessary downtime and operational inefficiencies and can pose potential security vulnerabilities during downtime.

    Incorporating our cutting-edge digital technologies and data-driven methodologies into equipment maintenance with our PM4X Solution marks a profound paradigm shift in the planning, execution, and optimisation of maintenance activities.

    Service Excellence with Our PM4X LPR Solution

    Unlocking unparalleled service excellence, our PM4X LPR Solution seamlessly integrates key technological dimensions to elevate your operational efficiency:

    Leverage the power of our IIoT and real-time sensor data, incorporated into our DanlexBox device, to gain valuable insights into your operational processes.

    Monitor the condition of your X-Ray Systems in real-time, to proactively identify potential issues before they impact performance and operation.

    Harness the capabilities of predictive analytics to anticipate maintenance needs, thus optimising resource allocation and minimizing downtime.

    Enable swift issue resolution through remote resolution, thus reducing response and repair times and ensuring uninterrupted operations.

    Embrace a holistic approach to maintenance with our PM4X Solution, where technology converges to deliver a cutting-edge solution for your service needs.


    In 2019, our Predictive Maintenance Tool for Non-Intrusive Inspection Systems (PM4X) achieved a significant milestone by receiving the prestigious Seal of Excellence certificate.

    This highly regarded quality label, granted by the European Commission as part of the EU Horizon Research and Innovation Framework Programme (2014-2020), highlights our commitment to excellence and innovation.